Man Utd promote new ‘Made of Manchester’ kit with picture of Oldham

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The weather is even nicer than this in Manchester (
The weather is even nicer than this in Manchester (

In the promotional materials for the upcoming 2012/13 Manchester United tablecloth jersey, manufacturer Nike has been proudly stressing the city's role in the Industrial Revolution. The "gingham" fabric of the new shirt was made famous by Manchester cotton mills in the 18th century, so therefore Wayne Rooney will have to dress like something you set up a picnic on throughout next season.

As part of their "Made of Manchester" promotion campaign, Nike posted the above image to the Manchester Utd Facebook page this week. It stayed live until someone realized the grim industrial landscape was actually an enchanting vista of Oldham, and not the city that's home to Old Trafford, the Gallagher brothers and the reigning Premier League champions.

Strictly speaking, Oldham is in Greater Manchester, but it is far enough from the city of Manchester to denote an epic marketing fail in this instance. According to The Sun, a spokesman has said "it will not be used in any other part of the campaign."

Unless they are planning to grind up Jonny Evans and sew him into the shirts, the "Made of Manchester" makes little sense. Nike's shirts are usually made in locations such as Morocco or Sri Lanka, and a company with a troubled sweatshop past should probably be the last to trade on and celebrate industrial heritage in such a superficial manner.

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