Man United players made fun of Robin van Persie for celebrating goal by hugging Alex Ferguson

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

During Manchester United's 2-0 win against Stoke last weekend, Robin van Persie scored his first goal for Manchester United in over two months. Though it was only penalty and Man United were already beating their relegation threatened opponents at the time, Van Persie was still understandably excited. So, he ran over to manager Alex Ferguson and gave him a big hug. "He nearly killed me!" joked Ferguson after the match. "He forgets I'm 71."

In the days since, Van Persie's teammates have apparently been giving him a bit of guff for his celebration. From Man United's official website:

"It has been difficult for Robin. He has had a lot of stick from us. For two or three days we have been getting at him!" [Patrice] Evra joked, when asked by PA Sport andTalksport about the goal celebration.

"To be fair, Robin told us he was really emotional. He had not scored for 10 games. He just showed the passion and the way he wanted to win. He said to us: 'Hands up guys, it was an emotional game. I did it, it is okay, we can move on now.'

"It was nice. I can see a lot of love and emotion. It is the first time we saw that [from Robin]. It is good to see love like that on the pitch sometimes."

Especially at a time when fans are punching horses outside stadiums. Football needs more hugs.

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