Man United’s horrible loss to Olympiacos in pictures (and one video)

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It was supposed to be the most favorable draw of the Champions League round of 16 for Manchester United, but like everything else for them this season, it didn't turn out as planned. Olympiacos won the first leg 2-0 at home, making them the first Greek club to ever beat Man United. It also gave Olympiacos their first Champions League knockout stage win in the club's history.

Though Olympiacos played well, Man United manager and dubious record collector David Moyes summed up his side's performance after the match by saying it was "the worst we played in Europe."

These are the images that will haunt Man United until their next worst performance...

The only thing Man United did correctly all night.

Wayne Rooney wishes he asked for more money after Man United concede the first goal in the 38th minute.

David Moyes' tongue attempts to escape the embarrassment of being attached to David Moyes.

Olympiacos striker (on loan from Arsenal) Joel Campbell makes it 2-0 in the 54th minute when Man United completely give up on life and decide that even personal hygiene requires too much effort at this point.

Rooney attempts to make an official transfer request during the match. Nemanja Vidic is relieved he's going to Inter next season.

Robin van Persie does an interpretive dance that perfectly encapsulates Man United's performance.

Moyes attempts to sneak out and begin a new life as a black market arms dealer called "Slick Teddy" when no one is looking.

Rooney asks Jose Holebas if Olympiacos could meet his wage demands.

*Sad Charlie Brown music.*

*Sadder Charlie Brown music.*

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