A Man United fan urinated on Mario Balotelli’s camouflage Bentley

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Mario Balotelli had to know that having his Bentley customized with a camouflage paint scheme would actually make it stand out even more than a Bentley already would, but I doubt he anticipated that it would attract public urinators. On Sunday night, as Balotelli dined in Manchester at an Indian restaurant with friends while rumors swirled of an impending transfer to Milan, a group of Man United fans found his distinctive car (parked on the sidewalk, of course) and had their way with it. One man urinated on the door, while another pulled down his pants, got on top of the car and rubbed his bare backside on the rear window. According to The Sun a witness said that one of them sang Man United songs as they did it.

But within hours of the pictures spreading across Twitter on Monday, the urinator was identified, reported to the Greater Manchester Police, mocked for the size of his genitalia by thousands of people around the world and deleted his account in disgrace. So I don't think Mario got the worst end of this prank. Plus the inside of that car has probably experienced far worse than what happened to the outside of it on Sunday night.

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