Man United’s bus stopped just to let fans get on board

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

This is pretty awesome. Determined to win the undying affections of as many fans as possible on its U.S. tour, Manchester United did something special for a Bulgarian family that flagged down its bus after a training session in Seattle.

With the whole team and backroom staff on board, the bus not only stopped for the small group of fans, but let them on board to get as many autographs and handshakes as they wanted. Basically, for these people it was like if Willy Wonka had a chocolate factory on wheels and they were invited inside to do as they pleased.

With all the players sitting there, just waiting to sign something (or, in the twins' case, playing video games in the back), the fans slowly made their way down the aisle. Once they successfully avoided the no-name players and got all the ones they wanted, they wished the team luck, said a few words to Sir Alex up front and got off the bus, where a Man Utd rep handed out more treats.

And then, they all woke up.

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