Lukas Podolski is very excited to have David Beckham training with Arsenal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

David Beckham is training with Arsenal as he aims to stay fit during his search for a new club. According to Arsene Wenger, Beckham was the one who called him up to ask if he could train with the team, as he did with Spurs in 2011, and it would seem his arrival came as a pleasant surprise to some members of the Arsenal squad. Namely Lukas Podolski.

"David, can you sign this picture: 'To my friend Lukas, you're really good at thumbs up'?"

"Sorry, can I just get in this one too? My thumb didn't look right in the last picture. Jack, don't do the thumb. That's my thing. You're ruining my thing!"

"David. Hey David, wait up! Don't say anything until I get there. Per, run faster or move! You're a human traffic jam!"

"He hasn't moved at all in an hour. He's the best."

"Why is he making Cazorla laugh? I am so much better at laughing than him!"

"It's like the ball is stuck to his feet. I need to get more tattoos."

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