Lukas Podolski scores nine seconds into friendly against Ecuador

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Fresh off German clubs winning both the Champions League and the Women's Champions League, the German national team continued the run of Deutschland domination when Lukas Podolski scored just nine seconds into their friendly against Ecuador.

The Ecuadorians kicked off, but when the ball reached their backline, Podolski was there to take it away and score like he was playing FIFA 13 on amateur difficulty. Lars Bender made it 2-0 in the fourth minute and Podolski scored again to make it 3-0 in the 17th minute. Bender then completed his brace in the 24th minute and Germany ended up winning 4-2.

When Podolski's first goal was scored, the commentators said it was just six seconds in, but the German football association officially lists it as being nine seconds into the match. Either way, it's an excellent excuse to remind you that before the Mario Gomez button, there was the Lukas Podolski song...

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