This is Lukaku daydreaming of playing at Stamford Bridge last year

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After months of back and forth, Chelsea finally sealed the purchase of 18-year-old Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku from Anderlecht. Anytime a player joins a new club like this, they're likely to say how it's a "dream move" and they've always wanted to play for club X since even before they were old enough to comprehend the concept of professional football. Well, in Lukaku's case, we actually have video evidence of his desire to join Chelsea even before they presented him with a whole bunch of money.

During a school trip to London that included a stop at Stamford Bridge and aired on Belgian TV last year, Lukaku tells how the day he plays at the home of his hero, Didier Drogba, will be the one day he cries. Like any other fan, he seems in awe of the ground and snaps pictures before stating, "I'm not dreaming. I'm going to play here someday, I'm sure."

It's the kind of human moment you don't see much in top flight football anymore, so even if you're not a Chelsea fan, try to enjoy the purity of this young footballer's joy for the game before he inevitably becomes a jaded, surly and self-obsessed egotist like everyone else.

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