Luis Suarez scores two great goals against Zenit and steps on an opponent’s back

Brooks Peck

With his great goals and handballs, tremendous skill and dives, clutch performances and bans for racial abuse, Luis Suarez is a footballer who elicits emotions in extremes. He exists in the complex gray area between supporters who think he is a persecuted genius and detractors who think he is the devil's mentor. And in the second leg of Liverpool's Europa League round of 32 tie against Zenit, this was proven yet again.

Suarez scored twice from free kicks, the second even better than the first, to help Liverpool win the second leg 3-1 in a show of undeniable excellence. He also stepped on a fallen opponent Tomas Hubocan's back while chasing down a ball at the endline. Depending on your view of Suarez, it was either an unavoidable accident or an act of malicious villainy.

Zenit still advanced on away goals with a 3-3 aggregate score, knocking Liverpool out of the tournament. Here's video of Suarez's second free kick goal (be sure to watch the replays to get the full effect of the brilliance of his shot)...

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For his supporters, that was all that happened in the match. For his detractors, this was all that happened...

Combining likable and unlikable traits to form the image of an actual human being can be hard.

UPDATE: Zenit players are reportedly calling for UEFA to take action against Suarez for the Hubocan incident.

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