Luis Suarez scores 35-minute hat trick with stunning collection of goals

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

If you need one stat to sum up Luis Suarez's complete ownership of Norwich then it's this: he now has three hat tricks against them, making him the first player to score three hat tricks against the same team, according to Opta. And his latest was the kind of exhibition for which awards are made.

Suarez's first goal came in the 15th minute and it was a beautiful 40-yard bomb that arched into the net. Have a look...

Suarez scored his second in the 29th minute and for his third, which came just six minutes later, he embarrassed a defender by lobbing the ball over him to set himself up for the goal.

And all of this came before halftime. There was much concern when Daniel Sturridge picked up an injury that Liverpool wouldn't be able to cope with the loss, but as long as Suarez isn't biting or racially abusing anyone, it's like having two strikers in one.

UPDATE: Suarez added a fourth goal with a free kick in the 74th minute just because he can (gif here).

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