Luis Suarez hits Chile’s Gonzalo Jara in the face

It's time for another round of bemoaning or excusing the actions of Luis Suarez! During Chile's 2-0 win against Uruguay in World Cup qualifying, Suarez and Chile's Gonzalo Jara did not appreciate each other's company. When the two players took their positions for a corner kick in the 34th minute, shoving and grabbing ensued. Suarez then took things a step further by jabbing Jara in the face with his fist.

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Both players were booked during the match, but not for this incident. As with the time Suarez stepped on a Zenit player's back or anything else he's done, how awful or understandable you view this episode will likely depend on whatever pre-existing opinions of Suarez you might have. Are you outraged by the hit or outraged by the outrage against Suarez's actions? Confirmation bias ahoy!

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