Luis Suarez gets away with a handball, ignores kid asking for autograph, causes global warming

It's a new year, but most everyone seems eager to keep the same villains in place for another term. On Saturday, John Terry was exposed for driving the three miles from his house to Chelsea's training ground without a tax disc on his new Ferrari. And on Sunday, Luis Suarez kept pace with his hate rival by playing a new version of one of his old hits.

In the 59th minute of Liverpool's FA Cup third-round tie against non-league side Mansfield Town, Suarez gave the visiting giants a 2-0 lead by knocking the ball down with his hand before scoring from right in front of goal (video here). The Mansfield players immediately signalled for handball, but the referee didn't call it and Suarez celebrated as he would any other goal.

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Mansfield went on to score in the 79th minute to put the score at 2-1 and make Suarez's goal rather important as a draw would've set the minnows up for a replay at Anfield and the massive payday/special memories that would've accompanied it.

Whether you see this as the referee's fault for not calling it or Suarez's fault for not confessing the handball to the officials as Miroslav Klose famously did in a Serie A match earlier this season will largely depend on whether you already thought Suarez was the human incarnation of evil or a persecuted genius who can do no wrong. And if you think they can share fault to some degree then you probably lead a miserable existence as someone who can see the grey area in a world where everything has to be black or white.

Before the match even began there was yet another test of perception when Suarez was photographed looking away from a kid asking for an autograph right beside him. Was he blatantly ignoring a child or did the dastardly photographer catch him just before he noticed the boy, signed his name and gave the kid keys to a brand new Maserati? Your biases will likely be the judge.