Luis Suarez bites Branislav Ivanovic, the second time he’s bitten an opponent during a match

Fresh off being named to the shortlist for PFA Player of the Year, Luis Suarez continued his history of bizarre and vicious in-game violence during Liverpool's match against Chelsea on Sunday by biting Branislav Ivanovic on the arm like a giant, rabid zombie squirrel. Suarez conceded a penalty and earned a yellow card for a handball in the box in the 56th minute, which allowed Eden Hazard to score a go-ahead goal for Chelsea.

Less than 20 minutes later, a seemingly innocuous battle for position between Suarez and Ivanovic led to the Liverpool striker burying his face in Ivanovic's arm and taking a bite before the Chelsea defender shoved him off (gif here). Despite Ivanovic's brief protest, the referee apparently didn't see the incident, but it will surely be reviewed by The FA in the coming days.

Showing the full spectrum of his ugly behavior and undeniable talent, Suarez went on to score an equalizer just before the final whistle to end the game at 2-2.

This, of course, isn't the first time Suarez has bitten an opponent during a match. In 2010, while he was with Ajax, he bit PSV's Otman Bakkal on the shoulder. As with the Chelsea incident, he wasn't booked at the time, but he was eventually banned for seven matches. Last season he was banned eight matches for racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice Evra.

Suddenly this headline from the Guardian takes on a whole new meaning...