Giddy Mexican commentators praise the saviors of their World Cup hopes: ‘We love you forever and ever! God bless America!’

With two injury time goals, The United States came from behind to beat Panama 3-2 in a World Cup qualifier that meant nothing to to them, but everything to both Panama and Mexico — the two CONCACAF sides contending for a last chance playoff against New Zealand for a spot in the World Cup. With Mexico losing 2-1 to Costa Rica and Panama up 2-1 on the U.S., it looked like Panama would have a chance at their first World Cup appearance while keeping Mexico out for the first time since being banned from the 1990 tournament.

But when Graham Zusi saved Mexico with his equalizer against Panama in the second minute of added time, the TV commentators for the Mexico match erupted in delight while showing both matches in split screen. "Gol de Estados Unidos!" the Mexican commentator shouted before switching to English to say: "We love you! We love you forever and ever! Ahhh! God bless America!" And then when Aron Johansson scored again for the U.S. seconds later, the party in the broadcast booth continued...before eventually resuming their criticism of their own team as they put in another unacceptable performance against Costa Rica.

As delightful as that bit of television was for everyone except Panama, the official U.S. Soccer Federation Twitter account decided to get a bit smarmy about the situation and tweeted "#YoureWelcomeMexico" to the Mexican national team's account.

Mexico fans were in too good a mood to get annoyed by that, though. Instead, they produced some amusing artwork.

As the zombie cartoon above suggests, there's still work to be done for Mexico to avoid the disaster of not qualifying and the U.S. can't do anymore to help.

Video via @klinsmannschaft