Losing to Andy Carroll and Liverpool was too much for Wolves owner to take

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

How bad was Wolves' 3-0 home loss to Liverpool on Tuesday? Andy Carroll scored the match's opening goal. That's how bad. It was his first league goal since October. Liverpool scored two more second half goals to leave Wolves with 18 points from 23 matches and slumped over at 19th in the table.

This was more than enough to cause Wolves owner Steve Morgan to snap. I mean, who wouldn't. So after the match, he went into the dressing room and tore into his team. Not literally, but...with his words. From the Guardian:

Wolves were booed off after an 11th game without a win in all competitions left them second from bottom of the Premier League and in deep relegation trouble. It appears that it was the manner of the defeat, not just the scoreline, that was too much to bear for Morgan. Only a few weeks earlier the chairman described the club's league position as unacceptable and demanded improvement over the second half of the season. [...]

Although Morgan occasionally goes into the home dressing room before a game to deliver what may be described as a motivational speech, it is almost unprecedented for him to do so after a match. Morgan, however, was unable to conceal his anger at a display that Mick McCarthy later admitted was "unacceptable".

We don't know what Morgan said, but I like to think it was a nearly word-for-word reenactment of Nick Nolte's opening rant in Blue Chips (NSFW language there). Then again, I like to think most social interacts are a nearly word-for-word reenactment of Nick Nolte's opening rant in Blue Chips.

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