Liverpool players held inside shipping container at 2014/15 home kit launch

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle



The launch event for Liverpool's 2014/15 home kit had a bit of a hostage release party vibe as the four players enlisted to model the slightly different red strip were held inside a shipping container before the big unveil.

Jordan Henderson, Philippe Coutinho, Kolo Toure and Simon Mignolet were held inside the metal box illuminated only by disorienting red lights, where all they could do was choose a corner to be used as a bathroom and take selfies as digital cries for help.

Once the doors were opened, the players walked out through billowing smoke and onto a stage, where they stood before a  crowd of adoring fans, allowing them to admire their new clothing. The footballers then sat down and answered questions, occasionally glancing at the menacing container beside them and wondering if they would just be put right back in there and sent to the harbor once this concluded. 

As harrowing as this experience was for the players, it proved to be a delightful Thursday afternoon for the attending fans. Some expressed that enviable jubilation and others maintained their poker faces. 

We can only hope the guy in the suit and the guy holding the Coutinho picture became friends after this and helped each other learn something new about themselves.

Anyway, that was the Liverpool kit launch.

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