Liverpool fan arrested for making Madrid cops chase a ball

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Liverpool fans had a chance to live out the ultimate European away day in Madrid after being deprived of Champions League football in recent years, but local police weren't in the mood to let them kick their balls around like they own the place.

Plaza Mayor was where the traveling supporters congregated in large numbers before kick-off against Real Madrid, drawing the attention of Madrid cops who are apparently do not enjoy balls flying around in the square. So they decided to try and confiscate the offending object, which started an impromptu game of keep away.

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As you can see in the video above (via our friends at Eurosport), one fan to kicked the ball away from the bumbling cops just before they could snatch it away. And for continuing their embarrassment, they arrested him.

Though the police couldn't dampen the mood of Liverpool fans who made the trip to Spain, Brendan Rodgers certainly did when he released his weakened starting XI for the match.

This decision made it clear that Rodgers is more concerned about facing Chelsea in the Premier League at the weekend than trying to take points against a team that beat them 3-0 at Anfield last month. It also prompted many to call for refunds to those who made the trip. The Liverpool fan who got arrested might actually have a better day than those who made it into the Bernabeu.

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