Liverpool apologize to Fulham for pursuit of Clint Dempsey, Fulham drop complaint

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Liverpool issued their second apology in recent months, this time to Fulham for their mishandled pursuit of Clint Dempsey during the summer transfer window. In a bungled series of failures in communication, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers publicly stated that they inquired about Dempsey, then the website for Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group wrongly stated that he was joining the club, prompting Fulham to eventually file a complaint with the Premier League before Dempsey was sold to Tottenham on deadline day.

Now Liverpool chairman Tom Werner has met with Fulham chairman Mohamed Al Fayed to offer a personal apology that was apparently sorry enough for Al Fayed to withdraw his complaint. From Fulham's official website:

Liverpool's Chairman Tom Werner apologised personally to Mohamed Al Fayed, stating that his club were wholly responsible for unprofessional behaviour toward Fulham and emphasised his regret for the entire episode.

In a letter from Liverpool to Fulham's CEO Alistair Mackintosh, Tom Werner's praise of the magnanimous gesture from the Chairman was reiterated, as was the club's assurance that the conduct of Liverpool was simply not acceptable.

The Chairman decided that this sincere action was enough, and as a gesture of goodwill, instructed that all complaints against them be dropped.

We can only hope that Fulham informed Liverpool of their decision to drop the complain on the back of one of these.

This apology follows the one made to the creator of a parody Twitter account at the end of October after Liverpool's now former communications director Jen Chang met with him and attempted to strong-arm him into making no more predictions about the club.

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