Little girl pranks Luis Suarez during pre-match handshakes

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

As Spurs and Liverpool went through their pre-match handshakes on Sunday, one young Tottenham mascot decided to play a little prank on Luis Suarez. When it was her turn to shake the Uruguayan striker hand, she faked him out, stuck her thumb to her nose and gave her fingers a wiggle at him.

Unsure how to respond to this, Suarez kept a strained smile plastered across his face and moved on to Paulinho as the girl tried to make amends by going back and attempting to shaking Suarez's hand for real. But it was too late.

Liverpool then went on to win 5-0 with captain Suarez scoring twice, so it's safe to say he got the last laugh there.

Of course, Suarez himself is familiar with not shaking people's hands. He did it (without the finger flair) to Man United's Patrice Evra after serving his eight-match ban for racially abusing the Frenchman.

As bold of a move as this was, the all-time master of mascot handshake pranks targeting Liverpool players remains the Chelsea lad who owned Steven Gerrard.

It's the wink that sets it apart.

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