Lionel Messi’s son didn’t really enjoy taking part in Barcelona’s trophy presentation

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Barcelona were presented with the Primera Division title for the 22nd time in the club's history after their 2-1 win against Real Valladolid on Sunday. After the match, the players brought their families onto the pitch to join in the celebration, but one person who did not seem to enjoy it was Lionel Messi's infant son, Thiago.

Messi's hamstring injury kept him from participating in the match, but after the final whistle he put on his kit and stepped onto the pitch with adorable young Thiago, who was a bit overwhelmed by the ruckus. Have a look...

"I told you not to wake me up until Jose Mourinho was out of the country. What's going on?"

"I am just now realizing how ridiculous Carles Puyol's hair is."

"This is mine now."

"Noooooo! It smells like Sergio Ramos! He must have filled this thing with cologne and facial hair."

"Awesome. I have the watch the fireworks through the reflection on Gerard Pique's head. This is literally the worst."

"And now my father has my sucking thing in his mouth. Hey! I don't put your Lego stuff in my mouth and you don't put my sucking thing in yours. That's the deal."

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