Lionel Messi says he has no ego, refuses to ever write a memoir

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Part of the charm of Lionel Messi -- what makes his relentless talent slightly more difficult to hate for opposing fans -- is his quiet, unassuming nature. He only ever seems to do pleasant things off the pitch and instead of expressing opinions that could invite controversy, he smiles. And now, in an interview with Esquire, Messi has revealed that this is the way he is because he was tragically born without an ego. An affliction that will also prevent him from ever writing a book about himself.

From Football Espana:

“I have no ego,” he answered, when asked of his personality away from the field.

“Or at least I feel like I do not. I still have to improve on everything.”

The Argentine also briefly commented on his personal life and how he views it.

“I will never write my memoirs because I want my private life to be just that, private.

So what is Messi hiding that must remain so carefully guarded? Perhaps his private life would make Keith Richards look like Ned Flanders. Or maybe because he knows his Lego-building exploits wouldn't make a very entertaining read.

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