Lionel Messi only scores twice with the flu

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Lionel Messi was ruled out of Barcelona's Copa del Rey match against Osasuna on Wendesday night with the flu (as was teamate Victor Valdes). But in the second half, with Barca already leading 2-0 thanks to a Cesc Fabregas brace within the first 18 minutes, Messi came on and scored two goals in the final half hour anyway. Because, hey, why not?

More importantly, we finally see a way to stop Messi from scoring three, four, five or more goals against your team. Give him the flu and he'll only score two. In the final 30 minutes. Either that, or this was all just some kind of unnecessary fakeout from Barcelona. In which case, never believe Leo Messi when he tells you he's sick. Messis can't get sick.

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