This is Lionel Messi crying after a loss to Real Madrid

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

You might think that a rare loss to Real Madrid and an even rarer second place medal might be the kind of thing Barcelona would just shrug off -- especially with two opportunities for more important silverware ahead of them. But you don't get to be the best by not caring.

In this newly released photo from Barcelona's official photographer, Miguel Ruiz, we see just how much they cared after losing last year's Copa del Rey final on a Cristiano Ronaldo goal in extra time. Flanked by a sullen Javier Mascherano and Andres Iniesta's thousand-yard stare, Lionel Messi wept. Not just over the loss, but also because a stadium employee stepped on a Lego airport terminal that took him a week to build. But mostly because of the loss.

Of course, Sergio Ramos went on to drop the trophy under a moving bus and Barcelona won both La Liga and the Champions League so those tears didn't last long.

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