Links! And Raul Meireles jokes about his haircut!

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

All the stuff being covered outside the unfriendly confines of the award-winning Dirty Tackle...

The two questions we all wanted answered. And yes, that is an awful training kit. [Mirror Football]

The new boots Nani, Robin van Persie and Aaron Ramsey are wearing in the Champions League. [TBG]

Liverpool's Nathan Eccleston in trouble for tweeting that the Illuminati, not terrorists, were responsible for 9/11. [Sky Sports]

Hope Solo and Alex Morgan have a dance party in cut-offs. [KCKRS]

Manchesters United and City: Death from above. [Surreal Football]

Day of the Qatar Foundation-sponsored Real Madrid fan-soiled depend undergarment. [RoP]

Inter: No club for young men? [IBWM]

Kevin Davies apologizes for tackling Man United player. [News Thump]

Arsene Wenger's telepathy. [Studs Up]

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