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Adidas unveiled the new Predator Lethal Zones at an event Manchester and to prove their "unleash deadly" tagline, they had Nani, Edin Dzeko and Tom Cleverley decapitate footballer shaped targets (1:10 into the video), among other challenges. [YouTube]

The EPL Talk awards are back and DT needs your help in casting out all those who secretly aid the corn menace and any ongoing conspiracies against Andrei Arshavin. You can vote in the Best Blogger category here and the Best Blog category here. Your support is always very, very appreciated.

Want to play football but are you too lazy to stand up? This chair is for you. [KCKRS]

Method behind the money at Malaga. [IBWM]

The Premier League has decided that this is the best Premier League season ever! [TFB]

Pep Guardiola's response to Jose Mourinho's letter congratulating him on second place. [DT on Facebook]

The art of Sergio Busquets. [STI]

England's Euro 12 hotel has a sal cellar. [Kickette]

Del Piero. [The FCF]

This is what a Scouse national team would look like. [LBitCR]

DT's own Ryan Bailey runs down the five worst Premier League managers. [Kick]

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