Links! And John Spencer as an excellent flight attendant!

Brooks Peck
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Portland Timbers manager and former Chelsea striker John Spencer is the best flight attendant ever. [YouTube]

Here are a few SHOCKING transfer rumors I made up. [Life's a Pitch]

Real Madrid's golden 2011/12 home kit. [The Beautiful Gear]

The only club owner that gives prizes to his side's fans on a televised game show. [KCKRS]

The wages of [Jose Mourinho's] narcissism. [Run of Play]

FIFA looking for a new brand manager. Submit your totally serious application today! [Brand Republic]

Real Madrid players shill for the city in which they are paid to live. [Kickette]

Rival fans throwdown outside a supermarket in Chile. [The Beautiful Blog]

Carlos Tevez now trying even harder to give you nightmares. [The Spoiler]

Manchester United's transfer policy. [Surreal Football]

What could grow atop Wayne Rooney's head. [Studs Up]

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