Links! And Hope Solo beats Steve Nash in FIFA 12!

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

All the stuff being covered outside the unfriendly confines of the award-winning Dirty Tackle...

They list Steve Nash's hometown as "Canada." [YouTube]

What Fernando Torres was thinking just before his big miss. [KCKRS]

Breaking down Arsenal's broken defense. [RoP]

Andre Villas-Boas bucks Premier League trend and acts professional in the face of referee mistakes. [Footy Blog]

Really? They had to have Giggs chatting up the flight attendant? [Kickette]

Pia Sundhage and Megan Rapinoe provide the music accompaniment to a team dinner. [YouTube]

Never take guff from NFL fans again: Players in their league dive, too. [Shutdown Corner]

Leandro Damiao: A superstar under the radar. [IBWM]

How spontaneous rule changes would improve football. [WSC]

Zonal marking explained. [The Gaffer]

Fernando Torres' case of clownfoot is spreading. [Studs Up]

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