Links! And Barcelona’s Eric Abidal music video!

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

All the stuff being covered outside the unfriendly confines of the award-winning Dirty Tackle...

Eric Abidal is back in training with Barcelona after his liver transplant in April, so Barcelona put together an inspirational music video for him. It's weird when he pets Carles Puyol though. [YouTube]

A massive collection of football songs from around the world. You can get lost in here for hours. [45 Football]

Former DT contributor Brian Phillips on the sunset for England's golden generation. [Grantland]

Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are Ballon d'Or favorites, but neither will win. [B/R]

Wenger's patience for "exasperating" Gervinho starts to pay off for Arsenal. [TFB]

Hyperbole is the worst thing ever. [SB Nation]

Juan Roman Riquelme: A quixotic enigma. [IBWM]

The Fitba Thatba boys have a new YouTube show and it is absolutely hilarious. [Copa90]

The most depressing FIFA 13 loan offer of all. [KCKRS]

The FA should ban players who fall over before we can kick them, claims Tony Pulis. [NewsThump]

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