Linesman attacked by bird during Brazilian third division match

Navegantes beat Brazilian third division rivals Inter de Lages 2-1 last Wednesday evening, but those watching live on TV missed several minutes of the action when the cameraman noticed an Alfred Hitchcock film playing out on the touchline.

During the Santa Catarina State Championship match, a very angry bird starts to attack linesman Maycon Vieira. The swooping becomes more and more aggressive, prompting fits of laughter from the commentary team, who say they are "rooting for the bird." Presumably, the assistant referee's pockets were full of eggs that he had snaffled from a nearby nest.

This wasn't the only bizarre incident of the game. It kicked off 25 minutes late because there was no ambulance or ball boys—the players couldn't possibly chase the ball down themselves—and later in the video above, you see the referee being asked to accept a phone call. The official refuses to take the handset, and according to Brazilian newspaper Diario Catarinense, the Santa Catarina Football Federation offered absolutely no explanation for the mystery call.

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Ryan Bailey

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