Let’s try to find a David Beckham shirt in the PSG store

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When PSG unveiled David Beckham as their latest signing on a brief five-month contract with all his wages going to a local children's charity, critics were quick to claim that it was all just for publicity and shirt sales. "Why would a club already in first place after spending boatloads of money on a team full of other star footballers need a 37-year-old midfielder for five months?" they asked.

Well, for whatever reason, they've decided that they do. And even if some kind of nefarious cash-grab, Financial Fair Play workaround or Beckham's desire to masturbate while reading nice stories about himself is the motivating factor behind the move, a lot of money will still go to charity as a result and that's all that truly matters. So shaking your fist at this deal will only make you look like a petty jerk. Anyway, we probably couldn't even find a David Beckham shirt in PSG's store on the Champs-Elysees the day after his arrival if we tried. So let's try.

TV cameras outside the store, probably there doing a story on a broken water main.

Nice to see they're still selling Zlatan Ibrahimovic's August Prize short-listed autobiography. Do they sell the cardboard Zlatan display too? It was recently Pep Guardiola's birthday, you know.

Is that Shakira?!

Another Zlatan book display! I heard that every person who visits the shop and doesn't buy a copy of his book gets kicked in the head by Zlatan himself on their way out. Also, every person who does buy his book gets kicked in the head by Zlatan on their way out.

There's Zlatan again. Jeez. They should just rename this shop Zlatan Books Only. Good luck finding room for Beckham shirts in there.

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