Let’s start a transfer rumor: Aaron Ramsey set on a move to Manchester United

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's hard to take transfer rumors seriously, but they remain a constant in the day to day coverage of football. No matter how ridiculous or plainly against all we know to be true — like the latest round of Lionel Messi to Man City talk (which is backed up by casual small talk!), for example — we eagerly gobble it up and help spread it around against better judgment. Mainly because it's fun to imagine the possibilities. So in the interest of furthering that enjoyment, let's start a transfer rumor.

The following is a completely made up transfer story. In other words, it has just as much validity as most every other transfer story. So spread it around — tell your friends, tweet it, whatever — and maybe we can turn it into a nugget of entertainment for football fans everywhere.

Manchester United have taken a strong interest in Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey following their failed pursuit of former Gunner Cesc Fabregas last summer. The Premier League champions are in desperate need of help in the midfield and they have now made Ramsey their number one target for the January transfer window.

Ramsey, who has scored 11 goals in 19 appearances across all competitions this season, is understood to be keen on the move after proving Arsenal fans wrong to doubt him during his comeback from a broken leg in 2010. "Aaron was devastated by the jeers from his own fans who lost faith in him last season," said a source close to Ramsey who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity, even though he doesn't exist. "He wanted to prove them all wrong and that he could still be a great player and already this season he's done that. Now he feels it's time to move on."

The 22-year-old Wales international nearly joined Man United in 2008 before deciding that Arsenal would be a better place for him to develop. He was recently convinced by former teammate Robin van Persie that this is the time to join the Red Devils.

"Robin sent him a picture of his Premier League winner's medal and a bathtub full of cash and that got Aaron's interest," said the source, who still doesn't exist. "Van Persie sealed it for him when he said that with all of United's international sponsors, Aaron could have everything from all the noodles he can eat when he's in the Middle East to free mobile phone use in Gabon. No man can turn that down."

Manchester United are expected to put in a bid of £20,000,000.01 once the new year begins, hoping to appeal to Arsene Wenger's affinity for unrounded numbers.

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