Leo Messi unveils new superhero logo

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Messi's actual caption for this photo: "This is me, Leo Messi."

Lionel Messi's footballing magic has led to many claims that he is actually the last member of a superior race of beings from another planet or that he was bit by a radioactive spider as a child or that his parents are X-Men, but rumors of his Super Friends status have gone unconfirmed. Until now.

With an odd series of short, seizure-inducing video clips posted on his official Facebook page (and compiled into one video below), Messi unveiled his new, unnecessary (except for merchandising purposes) personal logo, saying:

I share with you my personal logo that represents who I am as a player and person. Hope you like it!

It might just look like a fancy letter "M" to some people, but that logo and the scowling Messi next to it clearly show that this is the symbol of a new superhero on the scene. And that Leo is eager to cash in with a blockbuster movie franchise that pits MessiMan against arch-villains The Gelled Goblin and his mentor, Eye-Poke.

I just hope this means he's going to start wearing a cape when he plays.


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