Leo Messi has range of wines, Cristiano Ronaldo’s family has a nightclub

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

As first announced back in February, Argentine winery Bodega Valentin Bianchi has launched a range of Leo Messi wines in collaboration with the Leo Messi Foundation, with profits going to a variety of children's charities. The wines carry labels with either a shirt or football design and will reportedly be available in Europe and Asia, as well as Argentina. The slogan is "Leo: creative essence." But I think "Leo: Lego juice" would've been much better.

Cristiano Ronaldo's brother (no, not Barry), meanwhile, recently opened a nightclub in Portugal called Seven Vilamoura. The name of the club is an obvious nod to Cristiano's shirt number (and maybe the club's silent partner), so the Real Madrid goalbot paid a visit the other day.

Here he is posing outside the club...

And here's a look inside...

No word yet on whether Seven Vilamoura will serve Leo wines.

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