Legoland creates display of sad David Moyes leaving Old Trafford for the last time

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle



David Moyes getting the sack before he could even finish out one full season at Manchester United has prompted even more jokes at his expense than usual, but none of the tongue in cheek tributes to the man briefly known as the Chosen One are quite as heartbreaking as the one assembled by Legoland Manchester.

The children's funzone tweeted a picture of the scene created within their Miniland Manchester — a Lego David Moyes (the hair is all wrong, but everything else is spot on) standing outside Old Trafford with his bags packed and a single tear running down his frowning face. In the background, someone appears to be waving. Probably Ryan Giggs.

Over the course of this season, Moyes morphed into such a laughable caricature that it became easy to forget he was a once widely respected manager suddenly under a tremendous amount of pressure. But something about sad little Lego Moyes offers a reminder that he's just a guy trying to get by like everyone else. And now he has plenty of time to do something for which he's better suited. Like assembling Lego sets and managing a much smaller club.

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