LeBron James interested in helping David Beckham bring MLS team to Miami

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

David Beckham has turned to Miami's most prominent football investor/NBA player to help him bring an MLS team back to the city. The Sun Sentinel reports that LeBron James has confirmed interest in potentially joining "good friend" Beckham's Miami bid for a new MLS club, but no agreement has been reached yet.

From the Sun Sentinel:

"The research is still being made out," James said. "I think it could be huge. You never know. I think this is a great town for soccer. There's a lot of soccer players, there's great youth soccer players here and people love the city as well. That definitely would help."

LeBron already owns a small stake in Liverpool FC thanks to a 2011 deal with Fenways Sports Group. He added that he's developed "a great interest" in watching the game. I've grown to the point where I know exactly what's going on when I'm watching the game," he said. Which is always good when you might buy into your second professional club.

Beckham has been spending a lot of time in Miami lately, sitting courtside at Miami Heat games and investigating the city's stadiums for a potential home to South Florida's second attempt at an MLS team (the Miami Fusion, who played in Fort Lauderdale, only survived from 1997-2001 despite winning the Supporters' Shield in their final season of play). Beckham's original MLS player contract included a clause that allows him to create a new club for a discount price of $25 million — $75 million less than the expansion fee paid by the owners of the league's newest club, NYCFC.

Inviting LeBron James to join the group is a no brainer for Beckham and the involvement of one of the world's most recognizable athletes, who is already invested in the Premier League, would certainly be welcomed by MLS. Plus, a squad filled with Beckham and James' kids might actually sell tickets in Miami.

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