LeBron James, Shakira, Vladimir Putin among the notables at World Cup final

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LeBron James. Shakira. Vladimir Putin. Daniel Craig. Adriana Lima. What do they have in common? Besides being the cast of the greatest reality show never made, they're all in attendance for Sunday afternoon's World Cup final between Germany and Argentina.

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A list of FIFA's "VVIPs" (not to be confused with those pedestrian Very Important People") has made its way to Twitter, and the list is every bit as eclectic as you'd expect. Leading the way, naturally, are the FIFA execs, topped by the very Dr. Seuss-sounding "FIFA President Blatter." Then come the supermodels (Gisele Bundchen, Lima), the president of the International Olympic Committee, musicians (Placido Domingo, Wyclef Jean, Shakira), actors (Craig, Ashton Kutcher), and athletes (James; Olivier Dacourt; Marco Materazzi, who had a memorable World Cup final a few years back when he took a Zinedine Zidane forehead to the chest). Finally, the heads of state make the list, with the leaders of Brazil, Germany, Russia, South Africa and many more expected to be present.

Look, we're not saying we WANT the VVIP section at the World Cup to turn into some kind of Hunger Games-esque last-one-standing kind of brawl, but if it DID, our money is on Putin. You?

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