Lazio keeper Federico Marchetti gets captured by his own net

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Chievo Verona beat Lazio 1-0 on Saturday and as if allowing the match's only goal wasn't bad enough, Lazio keeper Federico Marchetti also suffered the indignity of breaking his own net. Chievo's Alberto Peloschi, who scored in the 61st minute, blasted a volley from considerable distance that looked to be on target as it floated towards goal. Marchetti ran back to his line, keeping his eyes on the ball the whole time.

Though this allowed him to see it fly over the crossbar, it prevented him from realizing just how close to the goal mouth he was, causing him to stumble into the net and tear it down on top of himself.

To paraphrase a wiser man than myself, sometimes you eat the net and sometimes the net, why, he eats you.

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