Lazio defender rescues granddaughter of Polish FA president after she falls in a well

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Well, well, well... it's Luciano Zauri (Getty)
Well, well, well... it's Luciano Zauri (Getty)

In a news story that we should probably file under "absurdly random," Lazio's Luciano Zauri has been praised in the Italian press after rescuing the granddaughter of Polish FA president Zbigniew Boniek after she fell into a well. In a restaurant.

La Repubblica report that the right-back was dining in a popular eatery in Rome when a young girl — who turned out to be the daughter of former tennis player Vincenzo Santopadre and granddaughter of the former Juventus and Roma legend — fell through a section of "temporary" floor covering a well.

Being a brave soul with the courage and fortitude of Lassie, Zauri then stepped in to save the girl from her Little Timmy moment. The Guardian reports:

The seven-year-old girl fell into the four-metre deep well on Sunday when the beam covering it gave in as she was taking a look in the mirror at the bathroom of a restaurant near Ponte Milvio.

La Repubblica reported on Monday that Zauri, who was also in the restaurant, was lowered into the well on a rope and pulled the child up to safety.

The Italian report fails to explain why there was a very poorly covered well in the bathroom of a restaurant — or why Zauri climbed down the well ahead of the girl's own father — but thankfully she escaped with just minor bruises. And hopefully not the kind of well-based childhood emotional scarring that led Bruce Wayne to become a vigilante superhero.

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