Lampard and Ballack reunited, don’t want to let go

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Michael Ballack returned to Stamford Bridge for Bayer Leverkusen's Champions League group match against Chelsea and it proved to be a bit emotional. Prior to the match, Ballack received a warm ovation and Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck presented him with a silver plate to commemorate his four years with the club.

But after Frank Lampard entered the match as a second-half substitute, he and Ballack apparently had a moment. The former midfield partners held hands from a distance, a melancholy look on Lampard's face while Ballack could only stare.

It was like the end of Titanic, except this actually happened. And no one drowned in the frigid ocean while an old lady rambled about nonsense.

Meanwhile, David Luiz pointed at Fernando Torres (who set up both of Chelsea's goals) and laughed...


"Haha I have more goals than you."

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