KLM tweets 'Adios Amigos' to Mexico and the Twitterverse takes offense

KLM tweets 'Adios Amigos' to Mexico and the Twitterverse takes offense

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RIO DE JANEIRO — It seems like airlines are having trouble keeping their feet out of their social media mouths during this World Cup.

Following the Netherlands' controversial 2-1 win against Mexico, the Dutch airline KLM decided to troll Mexico and its fan base on Twitter.

A tweet like this is a great way to alienate customers, which is exactly what the airline did as many people tweeted some not so savory things back at the airline.

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Among those was Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, who laid into the airline and vowed, in a colorful way, never to fly it again.

KLM did not apologize for the tweet, but did delete it from its timeline. However, that was not before it got more than 10,000 retweets and several more sceengrabs.

Don't worry KLM, Delta knows your pain. After the United States' win against Ghana, Delta sent out a tweet that depicted Ghana as a place with giraffes when there aren't any there. And Twitter responded furiously. Delta did issue an apology.

Sadly, this wasn’t the first anti-Mexican comment from the Dutch. World Soccer Talk noted that Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf ran a cartoon on its front Sunday morning of Netherlands manager Louis Van Gaal wearing a poncho and sombrero with the words “MexiGo Home.” Several players are featured as sombrero-wearing mice.


It will be interesting to see what KLM and De Telegraaf come up with for the quarterfinal against either Greece or Costa Rica.

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