Kasimpasa’s Ryan Donk throws second ball at match ball to stop attack

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The Turkish Super Lig match between Kasimpasa and Besiktas saw an innovative new defending technique. While Besiktas mounted an attack, a second ball was thrown onto the pitch and Kasimpasa defender Ryan Donk picked it up. But instead of immediately throwing it away or alerting the referee, he held on to it, perhaps realizing that it might come in handy.

When Besiktas advanced further with the actual match ball, Donk made use of his not so secret weapon and casually threw the second ball at the one in use, bringing a stop to things before Besiktas could get a shot off. Coincidentally, the most appropriate sound effect for this move would probably be "donk."

Though the referee should have stopped play as soon as the second ball entered the pitch, he showed Donk a yellow card for his ball to ball defending.

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