Karim Benzema promises the best version of Karim Benzema

Brooks Peck

Coming off a less-than-stellar debut season with Real Madrid (in which he still finished even with Kaka as the team's third-highest scorer with eight La Liga goals), exclusion from France's World Cup team (which proved to be a blessing in disguise), and being implicated in that underage prostitute business along with Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema is looking ahead to a brighter future. And he's doing it by referring to himself in the third person.

From his interview with RealMadrid.com:

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I have played for this team for a year now and my Spanish is much better, which makes me feel more integrated. I think this is going to be my year at Real Madrid. [...]

Individually speaking, they [the fans] should know that they will see the best version of Benzema.

Yes, forget about Ronaldo, Kaka, Higuain and even Jose Mourinho. This will be the year of Benzema! Prepare your Benzema banners and name all your newborns Karim. No more of that so-so version of Benzema or the (alleged) underage prostitute-lovin' version of Benzema, from now on, it will only be the best version of Benzema. Which Real got at the bargain price of €35-41 million.

Photo: Reuters

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