Kaka takes down Pepe

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Being the incredibly nice guy that he is, you probably wouldn't think of Kaka as much of a practical joker, but since his mark here is the man many consider to be the embodiment of footballing evil, it's a bit more understandable.

Teaming up with Marcelo, Kaka curled up behind Pepe at Real Madrid's training ground while the finger-stomping defender did keepie-uppies for the camera. And right after Pepe finished and seemed to be feeling quite pleased with himself, Marcelo shoved him over the Kaka stumbling block before they both ran off giggling.

Since this prank involved an act of violence, Pepe found it quite enjoyable even though he was the victim. He gave the camera a thumbs up as a show of approval and when he did his routine a second time, he checked behind him to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Who would've ever guessed that Kaka would be the one to put The Fear into Pepe?