Juventus, Inter ultras urge discriminatory songs to force closure of all Serie A stadiums

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's hard to get Milan, Inter and Juventus ultras to agree on much, but they are now banding together. Albeit in defense of their freedom to insult each other.

Milan were ordered to play a match behind closed doors and fined €50,000 because of chants deemed "territorial discrimination" from their traveling supporters during their 3-2 loss to Juventus at Juventus Stadium last weekend. The Milan fans chanted "We are not Neapolitans," among other traditional putdowns northern Italians have for the south (Juventus have a reputation for having fans from all over Italy, including the south). The rules against discrimination were intended to fight racism, but Milan and the ultras from Inter and Juve all feel that applying them to territorial rivalries within the country is going too far.

Now they're trying to rally ultras across the country to engage in territorial discrimination in an effort to get every stadium closed and prove a point. From Football Italia:

Inter ultras showed solidarity with Milan and now the Juventus ‘Fighters – CurvaSud Scirea’ have joined in.

“This is just another pointless and unconstitutional mechanism to discriminate against the ultras, condemning freedom of speech,” read the Juve ultras statement.

“During the next game in Florence on October 20 we invite all the fans to sing along with us those ‘famous’ chants of territorial discrimination. We invite supporters everywhere to unite in our protest by showing banners and singing these chants in every stadium on Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October.”

Echoing that sentiment, Inter ultras issued a statement of their own. From La Gazzetta dello Sport:

"We are ready and we hope that all the fans in every Curva take part in discriminatory chants in order to achieve a Sunday with total closure of the stadiums. [...] We reserve the right to make decisions coordinated with other fans, ultras, supporters from the other team in our city, with our twinned teams, our historic rivals, and anyone who understands this outrageous attempt to impose an alien conformism upon us."

They may take away ultras' access to the stadiums, but they'll never take away their freedom to insult each other for superficial reasons!