Indonesian Juventus fans created a tifo display for CL match thousands of miles away

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Many of the biggest clubs in Europe have thousands, if not millions, of devoted supporters all over the world, but Juventus fans in Indonesia seem to be on another level of long-distance support. For Juve's Champions League match against Celtic on Wednesday, the Jogja chapter of Juventus Club Indonesia created a smaller version of a tifo display you'd see in the stadium. They sang and held up their banners as if they were at the game and the team could hear them.

Corriere dello Sport labeled it "spectacular and a bit crazy," but this was downright subdued compared to another viewing party in Indonesia for Juve's match against Roma last month. Have a look...

That's 1,000 Indonesian Juve fans with scarves raised and flags waving, singing and lighting flares to create an atmosphere many clubs around the world would kill to have in their grounds on match days (just maybe without the flares). With so many clubs in Italy struggling to fill their stadiums from week to week, perhaps it's time to start turning the tarps over empty sections of seats into video boards beaming in the live support of flare-wielding Indonesians. No more pitch invasions or racist chants. If they get too out of control, you can just turn them off. This could be the future.