Juventus’ Andrea Pirlo and Leonardo Bonucci try out for Stanford college football team

Dirty Tackle

Juventus are in San Francisco to face Everton at AT&T Park in the International Champions Cup on Wednesday evening, and the Serie A champions have been training at Stanford University.

While there, Andrea Pirlo and Leonardo Bonucci had a "try out" with Stanford University's college football team, in the same playful manner that Chelsea attempted to decipher American sports last summer.

With Bonucci as quarterback and Pirlo playing wide receiver, it's quite clear the Old Lady duo don't have the chops to play the kind of football where you use your hands, wear very tight pants and breathe using oxygen tanks between plays. Naturally, however, they both excel at taking field goals, and Pirlo even manages to resist taking his Panenka-style.

The video is just a bit of fun, made entirely worth it by the gratuitous shot of Pirlo removing his helmet to display his magnificent beard, and the stilted conversation between the coaches that suggests they attended the Wayne Rooney School of Acting.

Elsewhere in meaningless try out news, Steve Nash was invited to an Inter Milan training session in New Jersey on Tuesday. The LA Lakers star seemed to have a good time, but doesn't rate his chances of featuring in the Nerazzurri line-up when they take on Chelsea in Indianapolis on Thursday...

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