Juan Mata delivers new Chelsea shirt to befuddled fan at work, kick around outside office ensues

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Adidas recently launched the 2013/14 Chelsea home kit without actually showing it and challenged fans to buy it sight unseen (because wouldn't it be great if people just gave you their money without asking any question?). Well, at least one man did buy the shirt without seeing it and to reward his blind faith, Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata was enlisted to make the delivery.

Mata and a camera crew went to the man's office and after getting past the receptionist, who didn't know who he was or if he had an appointment, tracked down proper employee. The stunned, "What is happening right now?!" look on his face is only topped when ata mentioned that he heard the fan plays a bit of football himself and challenged him to a kick around outside the office.

Once outside, the fan — now wearing his autographed shirt — went hard against Mata, playing a bit more physical than the Spaniard expected and nutmegging him before getting a little too cocky and attempting an overly ambitious chapeu. Juan Mata laughed.

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