Jovetic fails to score, Hulks out

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It seems our friend Artur Boruc is starting to rub off on his teammates.

With Fiorentina leading 2-1 late in their first Coppa Italia match against Cittadelia earlier this week, Stevan Jovetic had a shot from right in front of goal deflected away. And Jovetic reacted by letting Hulkamania course through his veins and ripping his shirt down the middle.

Some might call that a bit of an overreaction for an early season cup match against a second division side, but club chairman Mario Cognigni loved it. He told Fiorentina's official website:

"Jovetic tearing his shirt apart after missing a goal is the best way to represent the current spirit of the Fiorentina team that is about to kick-start a new season, a very important one."

Now that the rest of the team knows that the chairman is on board with this kind of reaction, the kit man may want to order a few dozen extra shirts. And prepare for when Artur takes it a step further by ripping off his entire kit and setting himself on fire.

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