Journalist explains why he was caught looking at dog pictures at Champions League match

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Twitter was abuzz with outrage and jokes about a mystery journalist caught Googling pictures of dogs during Manchester United's 1-1 draw with Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarterfinals. A picture of the scene taken from over the journalist's shoulder quickly spread, accumulating wisecracks and criticism along the way. But by the following afternoon, the journalist in question outed himself and explained the situation.

The Telegraph's Chris Bascombe says it was all down to under performing Man United midfielder Marouane Fellaini. Bascombe was tasked with doling out match ratings for the paper and when he got to the big-haired Belgian, he decided a clever comparison to a dog was in order. This was when it all went wrong.

From the Telegraph:

In the diligent pursuit of accuracy I used a well known search engine to check photographs of an Afghan hound. My instincts were right. Fellaini bore no resemblance. So then, what dog? Ah, there it is. A poodle. Fellaini, with that bushy head, resembled a poodle on steroids. An overgrown poodle. That's it. That will do.


I was then directed to a 'parody' website which, utterly hilariously, had posted a photograph of a journalist looking at a picture of dogs while the game was going on, accompanied by a suggestion the reporter found it more interesting than the match.

"This," I instantly established, "does not look good."

Bascombe eventually concludes that "the key lesson from all this is instead of just watching what is going on in front of me, the first thing I will do the next time I'm at a game is watch my back." Which sounds a bit paranoid for something that ultimately wasn't at all a big deal.

It all ended politely though, as the fellow journalist who snapped the picture of Bascombe apologized to him on Twitter (of course), which was appreciated by the dog Googler.

Meanwhile, the Guardian has a report from one of their writers about his testy exchange with Bayern manager Pep Guardiola during the post-match press conference. Finally, football writers are becoming the true stars of the game.

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