Jose Mourinho suing Marca editor for hit-and-run comment, promises money to son’s club

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When he's not sliding around in expensive suits and making Roberto Mancini's life even more miserable than Cristiano Ronaldo's, Jose Mourinho is reading about himself. And in Marca, he found a comment so objectionable that he has decided to sue the Madrid paper's editor over it.

From the Guardian:

Roberto Palomar published the article on 17 September, which referred to the Real Madrid coach as "the type of person who leaves after causing a car crash".

Mourinho's legal representatives issued a statement reading: "This expression is objectively humiliating and the use of it was completely unnecessary to achieve the objective of the article.

"Mourinho is fully aware of the importance of the right of freedom of expression, and has not and will never take legal action against rightful criticism."

So if Marca had just stuck to the facts and said that Mourinho is the kind of person who walks away after poking someone in the eye, this could have all been avoided.

But something good could still come out of this. In addition to asking for a retraction, Mourinho is also seeking €15,000 in damages, which he has promised to donate to his son's club, CD Canillas.

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